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There is nothing more important than choosing your career options after 12th standard. The choice of an individual tends to define their life ahead. While some students are anxious about choosing the right courses, others are worried about getting admission into the right college.

When it comes to courses one size doesn’t fit all. Every student has his or her own taste, interests, priorities and preferences. Therefore, it becomes important to know your interest and based upon the same, one shall select the course. In fact, in today’s time one cannot assure if a student chose PCM in 12th then he or she will be doing engineering after it. One reason is of course because they don’t want to do it but another, and most common one is, they are confused about their interests. One of the best thing to do in such a situation is to seek career guidance after 12th.

It is advisable to make a checklist with the courses as well as the career choices as it helps students to cut off the unwanted options. And rejection of unwanted options is like almost half the battle win.

All the courses are best course to study after 12th provided decision is made after relying on an individual’s interest, stream and priorities.

Different students are from different backgrounds like arts, science and commerce. In today’s time, where no stream is considered less, it all depends upon the individuals as to which course they desire to choose for themselves. To make the process easy, students are advised to seek help from educational consultants.

Here is the inclusive after 12th courses list:

LLB (Bachelor of Law)
Education/ Teaching
Travel & Tourism Courses
Environmental Science
Fashion Technology
Hotel Management
Designing Courses
Media/ Journalism Courses
Film/ Television Courses
Engineering (B.E/ B.Tech)
B.Com or B.com (hons) or Eco (hons)
Defence (Navy, Army, Air force)
These are only few of the known courses but there are many more than this.

Where does those few years of college goes, no one gets to know and the next question is already waiting for students-After graduation what next?

Should we take up a job or go for another course or degree? There are also students who are not sure of the practical applications of their degree but many graduate employers do. They know what you have developed in those few years. After all, you have become more mature, gained independence, learned self-management and of course, many other valuable skills you must have learned in the journey of around 3 to 5 years. Therefore, job is one thing that obviously you can do. There are jobs in finance, law, IT, and management companies that are open to graduates from any degree background.

Another option is that you can take courses after graduation. You can go for post-graduation or diplomas and there are plenty of them. In case of any confusion, consult experts who deal in career guidance after degree. They will provide you with plethora of options just like you consulted one after 12th. If you are not sure which course is best for you then no one can answer your question- After degree which course is better?-better than these professional educational consultants.

You have management course after degree, M.Sc., M.Tech, LLM, post-graduation in journalism, mass communication, designing, etc. And in case you want to have more experience, and broaden your cultural horizon you may also want to consider studying abroad.

Apart from above two, the new hot trend circling around the market is of entrepreneurship. Yes, we are talking about self-employment. There are many students who join their parent’s business or they come up with their own start up.

It doesn’t matter whether you seek someone’s help or not but the ultimate power to take decision lies in your hand and our advice is to use this one wisely!

The advantage of NRI quota admission can be taken by only few bonafide Non Resident Indians (NRIs). The best part is that the seats under NRI quota is available in case of almost all the courses under graduation i.e. engineering, medical, law, administration, mass communication, hotel management, etc.

Under NRI quota also, students seek admission only on merit basis and fees for NRIs vary from college to college. Many private colleges reserve this seat for those students who wish to come back to their country for further studies. No doubt that fees charged in this case is higher than the normal fees but eventually these funds are invested by the colleges for further development of the college.

If we talk about the eligibility for NRI quota then it has been discussed further. The NRI Quota is applicable to those Indian citizens who have migrated to another country, or he or she is a person of Indian origin and was born outside India, or he or she is a person of Indian origin who resides outside India.

Moreover, only biological parents or legal guardians, the one who are NRIs, are allowed to sponsor a student under the NRI Quota.
Several government colleges and Self Financing institutes are there who have reservation of seats and they are covered under the NRI Quota. Most of the institutes reserve a certainly small percentage of seats for foreign students. The seats that are reserved for these students, it is done as per the norms and guidelines issued by AICTE. It is so because, engineering colleges and business schools are regulated, monitored and accredited by the AICTE i.e. All India Council for Technical Education.
Only biological parents or legal guardians who are NRIs can sponsor a candidate under the NRI Quota.

Therefore, parents who have any queries related to NRI students admission process in Karnataka or NRI quota in medical colleges in India, or any other query pertaining to admission through NRI quota, please feel free to contact us.

A student has to face many obstacles in his or her journey beginning from choosing a subject after 10th followed by course and college after 12th and finally how to get college admission? Many times neither students nor parents are aware of courses and how to pursue them i.e. when admission form will be made available, what is the date of entrance test, when will cut off list will come out, if any scholarship is available, or any other advantage that a student can enjoy if he or she is a high scorer, etc.

This is where an admission consultant comes in picture. He or she proves to be no less than a blessing at such a time. These consultants know admission process of every college and course inside out. If you trust them, you don’t have to rely on anyone else or be worried about admission procedure. You can give them complete responsibility and they will not let you go astray. They proffer help to families and navigate the often-confusing and stressful process of admissions.

If you are wondering where or how to find a college admission consultant then it isn’t that difficult. Your school counselors are one such education consultants. They more or less have complete knowledge of college and courses. Apart from that, you can always seek help from a private admission consultant like Bengaluru Admission.

The admission consultants are the pro in their work. They can guide you through, how to get medical college admission, engineering, law or any other college admission. However, you must choose one depending on your child’s need, hopes and strength because their services vary at times.

Therefore, if a student feels overwhelmed by the process of admission at any point, or he or she has special concerns, help from admission specialist is advised.

Students and their parents many times come across these lines ‘Direct admission in MBA’ or ‘Direct admission in engineering’, admission without any donation in MBA, admission without any donation in engineering colleges.

It sounds unbelievable and very contradictory that any such thing exists. In other words, how is it possible to seek direct admission in top colleges of not only MBA or engineering but any college without giving any donation?

Is it some kind of catch? Are colleges compromising on the quality of the students? Or they just don’t want to let their empty seats go waste? These are the few questions that strike student’s mind or their parent’s mind. And these questions are very obvious to arise and worthy to think about. After all, admission in college is one the key decisions that a person make in his or her life.

All the above questions cannot be overruled but here is some information which might help you to clear your confusion at maximum.

To begin with, each year around 15 lacks students appear for engineering exams and they outnumber the seats available in colleges or university. People think direct admission means direct admission management seat involving donation amount. This is true to an extent but priority always remains entrance exams, personal interviews, and group discussion.

Similarly, another myth is that colleges completely compromise with the quality of students for money. Usually, one student fill form in many colleges or in fact, take admission in multiple until they choose the best one and when they ultimately leave other colleges, the vacant seats are given to remaining students who couldn’t make it in initial cut off list(s).

However, if you talk about private universities, they have the flexibility to increase the number to take students as approved by UGC.

If you need any help with direct admission in Bangalore, feel free to contact us.

Admission to college appears to be a turning point in a student’s life. It is a dream for both, students as well as their parents to see the child getting into the best college and see him or her becoming a doctor, engineer, lecturer, lawyer, management gurus, etc. And then seeing them working in an MNC or getting their payoffs from a law firm.

There is no denial that seeking admission gets easy via clearing entrance exams but sometimes even most hardworking and deserving students fail to clear the exams. There is the admission through management quota comes under the picture.

The chance to seek admission through Management quota in private medical colleges, engineering, MBA or for that matter in any other college is no less than a gift for those talented students who missed direct admission in their dream college or course just by single or half a mark.

In case of management quota admission in Bangalore or any college in another city, seats are reserved under this category by colleges. To get admission under management quota a certain extra amount has to be paid and this varies college to college depending on their rank, facilities, and resources they provide.These extra funds are utilized by the colleges in improving the infrastructure of college and other activities.

If you think it is easy to grab a seat via this procedure then you are highly mistaken. There is quite a competition here as well and again, the seats are limited. Therefore, it becomes really important that admission procedure is handled with care, else you lose the chance.

If you need any help with admission through management quota for MBBS in Karnataka, or in any other course in any of the colleges, Bengaluru Admission has got your back. Our admission experts will guide you through the entire procedure associated with management quota.

An educational consultant is a professional in the area of education who uses his or her knowledge and experience in teaching in order to help people deal with issues that an educational organization, students, and parents are expected to encounter. A part of educational consultant’s job aims at providing guidance services regarding academic matters and career information to troubled students, parents, teachers and educational organizations. When it comes to these school or college advisors, they are broadly divided into 3parts and they are as follows:-

1) State employees, who work as school or college admission consultants for government agencies, and give their expertise in the field of education.

2) Professionals who have their own practice and help parents with their child’s educational planning.

3) Individualistic contractors who are hired by schools, colleges or other educational organizations to give parents career information for students in a specific area of studies.

The above mentioned educational consultants act as career advisors and help students with information on different courses, colleges and universities.

To become a college consultant, it often requires a master’s degree in counselling or related discipline. The education requires a degree in counselling and college consultants assist clients in realistically planning out future prospects. Any prior work experience in a college or any educational organization admissions office is often appreciated. They have a profound and fruitful knowledge of schools, programs and admission requirements.

They analyse a student’s academic performance and potential talent development. They are always well informed about the constant changes in the fields of education and timely follow up with students and/or staff in schools by meeting with administrators and teachers to discuss performance. They arrange specialty tests and evaluate performance and recommend what is best for them or best fit placement opportunities.

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